Inclusion Coaching

School leaders, take a look at this article (WHAT DOES AN INCLUSIVE CLASSROOM LOOK LIKE?, Inclusive Schools Network). If you don’t recognize your school in this, CASE offers Inclusion Coaching to help you make the shift to being welcoming for all learners. Contact us today!

Why Inclusion? Isn’t it expensive?

Inclusion is what is best for kids—all kids. And depending on how you look at it, inclusion does not need to be more expensive than segregation. When you employ a cost-benefit mindset, you will find it is too expensive to not be put in place sustainable inclusive practices. Here’s is some research on inclusion, and examples of districts doing it well.

Cecil County Public Schools

“Funding Doesn’t Have to Be a Barrier to Inclusive Education”

Research Support for Inclusive Education

What is Inclusion Coaching?Inclusion Coaching fact sheet - Google Docs-page-001

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