Thank YOU so very much for all of your help! Not only is your professional experience impressive but your willingness to share your own personal struggles/experiences were valued & appreciated. I wish you the very best in the future!

Forest Hills Public Schools Parent

Alexis is highly knowledgable about educational and special educational law. She is a fair and fierce advocate, and truly only wants what is in the best interest of her clients. Whenever my own clients seek advocacy services or want to learn more about their rights as parents of a child receiving special education services, I send them straight to Alexis. 

T. Teshima, Duncan Lake Speech Therapy

Alexis and I worked together to assist a client whose child was not receiving appropriate special education services and had not been properly identified as a child with a disability. It was a very difficult and complex case due to the family’s unique situation and the child’s needs. I was so impressed with Alexis’ knowledge of the resource landscape and special education law, as well as her exacting organizational skills. She provided the client with a written advocacy plan and helped the parents – who were understandably overwhelmed with paperwork and information – navigate an extremely complex set of systems with many moving parts. I am so glad we have Alexis supporting parents in Michigan – I would not hesitate to refer any client to her.

E. Abdnour, attorney

Alexis demonstrated professionalism to the highest degree with staff and students. She also provided suggestions for improvements within our programs–so appreciated!

L. Robinson, Kent Career Tech Center

Your comments were very helpful towards my husband and I making an informed decision. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. I greatly appreciate the experienced professionals like yourself who take the time to help parents who are trying to navigate new territory.

California Parent

My son had a IEP that he was loosing at school because he had tested out of speech. I had requested school testing for certain areas that he struggles in. I received those results and it was like reading a foreign language. I didn’t know where to start to begin to get him the resources he deserved. I reached out to Alexis, she quickly reviewed the results, broke them down into a language I could understand and helped me prepare for my requests during the school meeting. My son currently has a 504 plan that helps him succeed. Thanks Alexis!

East Grand Rapids Public Schools parent

Alexis taught my son while at Skyline High School in Ann Arbor. Alexis was consistently energetic, optimistic, and encouraging with my son and with me. She was very helpful in developing and implementing his IEPs. My son thrived under her instruction and guidance.

Ann Arbor Public Schools parent

Recommendations from LinkedIn

Robert Galardi, Owner, Educators Resource Group

March 22, 2015, Robert was senior to Alexis but didn’t manage directly

Alexis is an experienced and talented educator. She always places the needs of students in the forefront of her decision making. As a teacher and department chair at Skyline High School in Ann Arbor, she helped develop systems to improve communications and a process to enable that all certified students’ needs would be assessed and addressed. Last year, as an Assistant Principal, she employed her skills to develop similar systems to support both general and special education students. She was a regular observer in classrooms and completed all of her evaluations. She is a dedicated employee and an excellent educator. I recommend her unconditionally for a teaching or leadership position in the field of education.

Ché Carter, Middle School Principal at Ann Arbor Public Schools

July 10, 2013, Ché worked with Alexis in different groups

Alexis is knowledgeable, professional and a student advocate. Her enthusiasm for her work creates synergy and yields positive outcomes that are evidenced in students success.

Claudia Burns, Arts Education Consultant

August 14, 2011, Alexis worked with Claudia in the same group

Alexis was committed to the students for which she had responsibility and tenacious in advocating on their behalf. She was always professional, competent and organized. I enjoyed being her colleague.

Carolyn Pereira, Executive Director at CRFC

April 7, 2010, Carolyn was Alexis’ mentor

She is one of the most organized and efficient people I have ever known. She also has a very sound educational vision. It’s a great combination. Sorry she left Chicago.

Robert Kokoszka, Teacher Consultant at Ann Arbor Public Schools

April 7, 2010, Alexis worked with Robert in the same group

Alexis is a well organized, clear spoken individual. She has strong opinions and articulates her position well. She listens to and considers the opinions of others.

Kri Burkander, Research Associate at Research for Action

April 6, 2010, Kri worked with Alexis in different groups

Alexis cares deeply for her students while setting good limits. She has high expectations and provides ample support. She is incredibly organized and methodical, but flexible in meeting the needs of her students. She has an easy-going, professional manner and was always interested in collaborating with other faculty. She is an asset to any educational institution.

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